We Appreciate Your Feedback!

We appreciate your feedback!


Last spring, you might have completed a participant survey at one of our program sites. We run a survey like this at least once every couple of years because your feedback is important to us, and we use it to improve our programs and services!

Below is a summary of what you told us, and what we’re doing about it!

You told us that you weren’t clear on how we document children’s learning and development, and so we’re exploring how to do this better. For example, our entire program staff team recently participated in a full day workshop that included implementing documentation specifically in parent-child programs.

You told us you wanted to have more access to outdoor space and nature, so we’ll be developing more outdoor programming in our sites where we have outdoor space, and finding ways to bring nature and the outdoors inside, for sites where we don’t have ready access to the outdoors.

You told us that the dates and times of our programs aren’t always convenient or suitable for your family.  We heard you, and we’ve added new programs, including on Saturday afternoons, and in new locations like Apsley. We’ve also added drop-in programs specifically for parents of babies, and specifically for parents of toddlers to meet the unique needs of these families, and to ease the congestion in our busy sites.

Here are a few other changes you might notice in 2019:

  • More spaces within program sites where you and your child(ren) can take a breather and engage in quieter games and activities.
  • More information on tools and resources to help you better understand your child’s development and behavior.
  • More support to help you connect with other parents so you can build a network of support outside of programs.
  • More information on how to integrate the activities you learn at our programs into your home environment.

We’re excited to begin implementing these changes, and look forward to hearing you reaction, and your suggestions to make our programs and services better than ever!

With recent Public Health restrictions, we will be frequently updating our program schedule. Click HERE for the flyer of current programs