Fall Programs & Services

September 1st to December 31st

What you need to know 

All programs and services are offered at no cost.

Adults support, encourage, celebrate and learn alongside their children in our spaces. Parent/Guardian/Caregiver supervision is to be provided at all times.

Professional staff are available to support your learning as well as to share resources and their expertise when needed.

Our EarlyON programs are designed for children from newborn until their 7th birthday (0-6 years old), creating an enjoyable and engaging experience tailored to their development needs. Children 7 years of age and older will not be permited into our programs.

  ♦ Click on “Become a Member” to begin creating your account. Make sure to fill in all fields,

  ♦ Confirm (and click yes) your email address to receive reminders of your pre-registration and cancellations,

  ♦ Once you have an account, you can preregister for both virtual and in person workshops across Ontario,

  ♦ When you show up in person at the centre, simply scan your QR tag (it will be provided for you the first time you visit the centre) and quickly sign-in with your child(ren).

Parent Child Workshops & Parenting Programs

How to preregister

To preregister for parent child workshops and parenting programs Go to KeyON Calendar

  • From the “EarlyON Centre” menu (top right of page), choose the PCFC site the program will be running at,
  • Click on “Calendar” on the top of the page menu,
  • Use the arrows on the top right to move to the month the parent child workshop or parenting program will be running on,
  • Find the day of the workshop or program and click on the workshop or program name,
  • Fill in the requested information.

Preregistration period

Preregistrations for workshops open a month prior to the workshop date. Preregister by 4:00pm of the day before the date of the parent child workshop or the parenting program you would like to attend.

For multi sessions parent child workshops you can preregister up to 4:00pm of the day before the date of the second session.

Please, be sure to cancel your program registration if you cannot attend to allow another family to attend. In case you will only miss one session of a multi sessions workshop, do not cancel.

Interactive Parent Child/Prenatal Programs & Services