Child Care

Are you seeking child care?

Our Child and Family Educators can help you explore child care options and provide resources to help you choose quality child care. Child Care in Ontario is regulated by the Ministry of Education, you can go here to learn more about the rules governing child care.


Explore your options:

Child Care Centres

  • Government-regulated and inspected
  • Children are with other children their age
  • Staff members include professionals with training in early childhood education
  • The centre has to meet certain standards of care
  • Activities are designed for children at different stages of development
  • A child care fee subsidy may be available

City of Peterborough’s Directory of Child Care Centres

Licensed Home Child Care

  • Government-regulated and inspected homes that meet specific standards
  • Siblings can be placed together
  • Small group size
  • Child care agencies provide home child care providers professional development opportunities, support and monitoring
  • Child care fee subsidies may be available


Unlicensed Home Child Care

In Ontario, unlicensed, informal care is not regulated by the government. These unlicensed home child care providers are not inspected by the Ministry of Education, and are not required to meet provincial standards. However, the Ministry of Education does investigate all complaints from the public about child care providers who may be operating illegally.

Registry of Child Care Violations

Choose the right child care for you and your family:

  1. Contact the centre/home child care provider to ask questions.
  2. Visit the Child Care Centre or home child care provider’s Home. This handout from the City of Peterborough gives ideas on what to look for on your visit.
  3. Prepare your child to start child care. There are steps you can take before starting care, and in the first few days of care that can help with the transition.